Humans Need Not Apply: The Future of Technology

YouTuber CGP Grey posts very interesting educational videos, and his most recent video has caught the eye of many people. The video, titled “Humans Need Not Apply”, is about human innovation and the technological revolution that has resulted in the automation of many parts of society. This is a very interesting video to watch, and peaked my interest due to the involvement of technology and the future of what is to come in the world we live in today.

Bunch O Balloons has taken over Kickstarter

In the summer, everyone loves to play with water balloons, however the action of filling up the balloons is long, struggling, and boring. Now, one man with a vision changed all of that. Bunch O Balloons is a simple invention that you attach to your hose, and can fill up and tie 100 balloons a minute. Water balloons can now be fun and easy. Apparently people on Kickstarter really want water balloons, because with 11 days left the project has raised a little over $850,000 of its original $10,000 goal. Almost every funding group is also already full. I would be really excited to see this project in a retailer, and would love to use this for the next time a water balloon fight occurs.

Track Your Travels with Map My Run

Map My Run is a free app that allows you to measure your running distance, speed, and track your route. You create a free account, and then can enter the activity you are doing. Then you complete your activity, and receive all stats from your run! As a cross country runner, I use Map My Run all the time to know how well I did during my run, and how I can improve. For any activity, Map My Run is a good choice to track your journey.

Satisfy Your Craving for Speed with No Brakes

No Brakes is a fun, free app where you travel in a short track with one goal in mind: speed. You travel faster and faster as your little rectangular car, and try not to hit any walls. The longer you play, the more challenging the game becomes. I enjoy the mindless activity, and always want to break my personal speed record.

How to Draw with Light!


Happy 4th of July! Many people who celebrate the independence day of the United States have a tradition of seeing fireworks and playing with sparklers, and the best way to remember the occasion is to take a picture! You probably have seen an image of a light drawing before, like the one I took recently shown above, and may wonder how to take a picture like that. If you have a DSLR camera, then it is very simple. Just make sure you are on your manual setting before following any steps. The first step is to change your ISO to a low value such as 100. Then you want a slow shutter speed. The slower the speed, the more time you can have to draw. I recommend a four second shutter speed. Then, take a picture and have fun!